Login Assistance

 Here is what you can do if you have problems logging in to Dairyweb:

Reset you password: Always try this method before calling the Dairyweb Helpdesk. This system will work if:

  • You know your Dairyweb username, and
  • Your Dairyweb registration already has your current email address.

Just below the "Login" button you will see a link "Forgot your Password?". When you click this link you will be asked for your Dairyweb username and your email address. If you supply your username correctly and Dairyweb has your current email address, our automated system will reset your password and email you the new password. A confirmation message will appear on the screen.

If Dairyweb does not find a match for your username and email address a message will be displayed: "The email address "bloggs @ email.com" did not match any records in our database." Please make sure you typed your email address you were registered with correctly. If you receive this message or if you believe this to be in error please contact Helpdesk on 1300 768 500

Call Dairyweb Helpdesk: The Dairyweb Helpdesk is attended during Melbourne business hours, 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. The number is 1300 768 500. You should have your business details (ABN, etc) handy as identification. Provided you can answer some ID questions, we can give you your current password or reset it for you.